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Student Voice

Coast Mountains School District is committed to empowering students by giving them a voice in their schools and in their education system. Student Voice Forums are held annually across the district in middle and secondary schools, where students gather to talk about the issues that matter to them most, including their well-being and engagement in learning. Students in all of our elementary schools also have opportunities to share their ideas, thoughts and opinions on an ongoing basis.


What is Student Voice?

Student voice is an approach where students share their values and perspectives with those in educational leadership positions—and those leaders actively listen to learn, making decisions based on these shared ideas. With student voice, students can contribute to the decision-making process and can themselves activate to shape their own educational experience.


The Benefits of Student Voice

Implementing and working with student voice helps accomplish a number of goals, both for students and educational leaders. Student voice promotes student engagement at every level and helps address equity in our classrooms, schools and the wider community.

When it comes to a student's time in school, a successful student voice program will enhance the learning experience and drive a deeper sense of understanding between students and their teachers. Student-led approaches help leaders gain support for beneficial programs and initiatives while improving overall student mental health. We know there are many benefits of student voice which include promoting engagement, increasing equity, enhancing the learning experience, and improving student mental health.


Adolescent Health Survey (AHS)


Again in 2023 the McCreary Society administered a province wide survey to more than 38,000 students in Grades 7-12 focused on important topics including mental and physical health, school experiences, home life, substance abuse, sexual health, relationships and more. The reults of the suvey complement the information gathered in Coast Mountains from Student Voice events, as well as through other surveys including the Student Learning Survey, the Middle Years Development Instrument (MDI), and the Youth Development Instrument (YDI).  


School districts are provided with results specific to their schools and communities. The results for Coast Mountains School District are found below: 


2022-23 Adolescent Health Survey Results - December

2022-23 Adolescent Health Survey Infographic - December